Areas of Practice:

Elder Law
Estate Planning
Wills and Trusts
Estate Administration
Trust Administration
Real Estate

Fee Schedule

Initial consultation                                                                 
waived if hired for additional work during initial consultation
Medicaid consultation                                                           
Simple Will for individual                                                       
Simple Wills for couple                                                         
Codicil and will review for individual                                         
Codicils and will reviews for couple                                         
General Durable Power of Attorney                                                                
Medical Durable Power of Attorney
Living Will                                                                           
$  75
Revocable Living Trust for individual                                        
Revocable Living Trusts for couple                                         
Trust Review and revision                                                       
Small Estate Affidavit with probate consultation                       
Beneficiary Deed with recording and title report                        
Real Estate (buy or sell without financing)                               
Real Estate (buy or sell with financing)                                    
Pre or Post nuptual Agreement                                               
Corporation filing and consultation                                           
Demand letters with consultation                                             
Retainers for hourly work (hourly rate $225)  
Legal Guardianship          
Grandparents rights                                                      

Complex documents prepared and reviewed at an additional charge
Simple wills and trusts do not include tax planning or funding














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